Bodog Poker Software Update

Bodog Casino
Bodog Poker, arguably the king of online poker sites, has updated its legendary poker software in a number of exciting ways that players are going to love. Here are the changes that have been made:

Rabbit Cam – This is a fun feature that can either make you breathe a sigh of relief or kick yourself! Using the Rabbit Cam you can see the cards that you would have been dealt had you finished the hand. Just in case that Royal Flush would have filled in as hoped. . . .

Competitive rake

Improved accessibility and site speed – This is something that we have been looking forward to for a very long time. Bodog now moves at rocket speeds and reacts to your input immediately. This is a huge step forward that other poker sites will have to emulate or be taken out of the game.

In-client Blackjack – No more secondary client for Blackjack play – it is fully integrated with the site just as the poker tables are.

Play more tables – Players can play up to 20 tables now.

New tournament formats – The tournaments are more user friendly now, and they are offering a wider variety of games on their schedule including Omaha, Shootouts, Knock-outs, and Heads-up tournaments.

The best data protection – Bodog has the most robust data protection protocols in the industry, making players’ personal information and finances safer here than just about anywhere on the Internet.

All-site anonymous tables – This is the biggest and the most controversial update made to the site, and it will thrill most rank-and-file players. This prevents poker pros from mining data on how you play by using HUDs and other data gathering sites such as PokerTableRatings and SharkScope. At this time, this is unique to Bodog, and it gives regular players a distinct advantage over playing at other sites.

Some of the top pros freely admit that use of data mining sites has helped them improve their winnign streaks. Daniel Degreanu, for example, has said, “There is plenty of information online that you could find about opponents. For example, what they’ve won, what tournaments they normally play, and how they do overall. I’d type in their online results under the notes tab, then also color code the notes with either ‘Winning Tourney Player’ or ‘Losing Tournament Player’. All these tools helped me make better reads in marginal situations.” When pros do this level of research, it is much tougher to beat them. At Bodog, they have undermined this advantage that the pros have by keeping your identity secret.

Jonas Odman has expressed that this change at Bodog gives players an opportunity to have a “pure poker” experience, with play unaltered by what the pros look up on you. “To my mind,” he said in a recent statement, “the software and Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model is a genuine game changer.”

So when it is time for you to step away from the Royal Reels Slot Machine, and step up to the poker tables, step up to the tables at Bodog. They have taken their already dominant position in online poker play, and made it even more solid. Bodog truly is the king of the poker sites!