Betware calls themselves a “software and services company offering a complete range of software solutions for online gaming through multiple sales channels.” That’s indeed a mouthful, so let’s examine exactly what they do and how comprehensive and far reaching their services are. Betware opened its doors in 1996 and has not looked back since. Today, they are a leader in the online gaming world offering Secure, Scalable and Flexible Performance gaming and service packages which are customizable for all the clients’ needs. That’s another mouthful. In a nutshell, Betware works hand in hand with gaming operators to provide all of their gaming needs, from back office to front end games with a very powerful, interactive and scalable gaming platform.

Betware Games Give Cover all the Bases

Just as they claim, Betware provides their clients with pretty much every gaming solution they could ask for, especially when it comes to sheer variety of game types. Whether a client is looking for numbers games (e.g. bingo, keno, lotto, raffle), instant games (e.g. crossword, sodoku, battleship) sports betting, racing games (e.g. real and virtual horse racing of all types), casino games, live betting or multiplayer games (e.g. Hearts, Backgammon, checkers, Yatzy, etc..), Betware has it all. But more importantly, they support them all with their complete business packages of all shapes and sizes.

Betware Takes the Leap Forward with a Partnership with Microgaming

With a very forward thinking strategic move, Betware has received the necessary licenses to market Microgaming games across their platforms to their current and future client. This is significant on several levels. Firstly, that Betware, already a respected name in the field, has further increased their reputation by partnering with a true industry leader and key innovator in the world of online gambling, Microgaming. Microgaming brings to the table over a decade of creating and marketing some of the most well known slot games including, Thunderstruck Slots, Tomb Raider Slots , Mega Moolah Slots and so much more. Secondly, for Microgaming, this seems to be a round about way to reconnect with a US market that they have been moving away from for some time now due to legal issues there. Thirdly, although it’s not totally clear how Betware will utilize these licenses, it seems like it will dramatically enrich their lottery services across the board.