They're certainly leading the pack. Wazdan has gradually become better known in recent times, as they have established a great collection of games that is packed with color, versatility, and entertainment.

Based in Malta, the business has already reached into three figures with its collection of games. You may already have tried a few. If you want to know more about Wazdan and what it can offer you, keep reading.

What are the best slots from the Wazdan back catalog?

That is quite a challenge! How can we narrow down such a huge collection of impressive titles? We tried, and we can reveal they are behind such titles as Captain Shark, Bell Wizard, Fenix Play 27, Haunted Hospital, and Hot Party. Those are a mere handful of the ones you could try online too, so watch out for many more on diverse themes.

How to find online casinos featuring Wazdan games

You can explore the home page of a casino to see whether they have used the Wazdan logo there. Some casinos make it clear which developers are involved whereas others do not. You might see a drop-down menu revealing the names of all the developers, so you can select the one you are most interested in. If this developer is among them, it is a fast way to find out more.

Slots bonuses can give you a chance to play games from this developer

Lots of casinos give out slot bonuses occasionally. You might get one with a welcome deal, giving bonus spins on a new game or popular title. There are usually plenty of deals inside the promotions section too. Watch out for deals providing you with bonus spins on any game you choose. This means you can use them on your selected Wazdan slot(s) if you wish.

Does Wazdan provide players with free slot machines?

Yes, you will find most of their games come with a loaded demo version. This is exactly like the proper one, but instead of placing bets based on your own budget, you use demo credits inside the game.

How can you discover new slots created by Wazdan?

If you are a member of a casino offering these games, you should spot new titles in the new game or new slots area. You can also search for the company in Google to see what news arises based on their games and developments.

Slots for USA players include lots of cool entries from this provider

Wazdan is an all-inclusive developer. They love nothing better than to create slots people around the world can play. If you live in the USA and you want to play their games, all you need to do is to discover a casino that welcomes US-based members. If that casino offers Wazdan games, you're good to go.

Wazdan delivers slots for UK players in UK-friendly casinos too

The same applies for people based in the United Kingdom who want to try games offered by this developer. If you find a casino that welcomes members from this part of the world, check whether they have games from this provider before you do anything else.

Do they make pokies Australia as well?

Sure - their games are available to many people across the world. It is not a case of denying access to anyone. The question is whether you can find the games at a casino that opens its doors to people living where you do. Always check and confirm this before doing anything else.

Try a games demo first

Since Wazdan games do deliver demo versions, it makes sense to try one to see what you think. They have three-reel games, five-reel games, games with bonuses and free spins… chances are you will find something you love in the middle of that lot.

Being able to explore the variety of slots available by trying a demonstration means you can preserve the budget you have ready to play some slots with. If you do not try a demo first, how can you tell if you have found the right game?

How to find out games RTP values

You can usually find these values on the paytable. If not, you may be able to look online to find specific values for a slot game. Make sure you have the full title and you should be able to find what you need. Sometimes, a new slot may not have the available RTP for publication. In this case, it can take several reviews and experiences by others to figure out the suspected return to the player.

Modern mobile slots are easy to find when you know how

Wazdan is a modern company, so it makes sense they would create games that work no matter how you access them. Mobile gaming has grown in stature in recent years. With the power to deliver games into the palm of your hand wherever you are, it is easy to understand how they have become so popular.

Slots for PC give you big games on a big screen

Maybe you still like playing on your computer. If you do, Wazdan slots do look the part. The larger screen is easy on the eyes and the games still offer a slew of impressive detail. Make sure you enjoy your favorites in this manner if you can.

Some casinos offer a slots app as well

Wazdan casinos vary in the way they provide their services. Slots apps seem to be less common than they were, given the modern idea of developing a site that responds to all screen sizes. If you spot a casino like this, chances are you won't need an app.

Wazdan slots for iPad, Android, and iPhone

Have you played your favorite Wazdan slot games on your tablet or smartphone lately? If not, you are missing a trick. Their games are developed with intuitive and easy to use controls for those viewing them on a smaller screen. The demo version allows you to check out a game to see how it works with touch controls in play. Once you are used to it, swapping to real play should be simple.

Could you spot any Wazdan slot games in slots tournaments?

We bet you could. Casinos love tournaments almost as much as players do. If you want to discover some slot games, old or new, from this software developer, getting involved in some relevant tournaments could be the best way to make it happen.