There is a great wealth of chatter within the online casino business right now regarding the Cubits payment method. While many people are just now becoming fully aware of the innovative Bitcoin payment method, Cubits is somewhat new to the industry. Although it was founded in 2014, it’s just now becoming a well-known name in the financial sector.

What Is Cubits Payment Method?

Cubits was organized as an all-inclusive platform with a purpose of buying, selling, and accepting Bitcoin. Users are able to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly in a very user-friendly system, with support from 17 different currencies. The Cubits Wallet can instantly help with Bitcoin transfers and payments, working with credit card providers, Sofort, OK Pay, Dotpay, SEPA, and Rapid Transfer. In addition, Cubits offers an API that can give merchants the opportunity to accept Bitcoin via various shopping cart plugins like Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Shopware, and osCommerce.

What’s The Purpose Of Using Cubits Payment Method?

The mission statement behind Cubits is “One World, One Currency”. The purpose of the company is to streamline currency markets. The goal of Cubit is to combine Bitcoin and the blockchain with other financial methods that would allow for more efficient, faster, and more secure payments to be processed.

What Is A Bitcoin?

Without understanding what Bitcoin is, Cubits payment method can be next to impossible to understand. Bitcoin is an open source payment method where users can send money directly to each other, without a third party being involved. There is no physical existence of Bitcoin, it’s all numeric codes that are encrypted and stored on a computer. It’s much like making an online payment via credit card, where you don’t actually exchange physical cash.

Benefits Of Using Cubits Payment System & Bitcoin

There are multiple benefits to using these new innovative payment methods. First, they offer independence because they are not controlled in any way by a third party or bank. Also, they’re extremely simple to deal with because they only require an Internet connection and a wallet application. The speed of the transfers is another very appealing thing when it comes to Cubits and Bitcoin, as transactions can be completed within seconds. Many people love that using Cubits and Bitcoin is one of the least expensive online payment methods, charging only about $0.02 per transaction. Lastly, the systems are completely transparent, within a public ledger. This allows all transactions to be public knowledge and gives additional security to those who use these payment methods.