Gambling Online

Gambling online has become more popular than ever, as the Internet gambling scene seems to change so quickly. There are always exciting promotions, bonuses, and tournaments going on all over the web. There are so many web sites to choose from when it comes to gambling online that the novice gamer will more than likely need to try several of them before settling on a favorite – or two.

Is Gambling Online Secure?

Many people are concerned about the safety of gambling online. They question whether these online games are truly “on the up and up” and worry about the safety of any money they might deposit. Others are convinced that the games played while gambling online are rigged, and that no one ever really wins any substantial amount of money. Another very common concern of those who are new to gambling online is where they can go for help if by chance one of the online games seems to malfunction while they are playing it. eCOGRA to the Rescue!

These concerns are entirely justifiable, as most people do not realize that there is an organization known as eCOGRA, which stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is a relatively new watchdog for gambling online, as it was founded back in 2003. The goal of eCOGRA was and continues to be the establishment of certain standards for Online Gambling. eCOGRA does not operate for profit, and is an independent organization that monitors gambling online, does audits, and enforces agreed upon standards. eCOGRA also certifies some of the online casinos, who display the eCOGRA “Play it Safe” seal with pride.

The Protection of eCOGRA is Multi-Faceted

One of the main things eCOGRA set out to do was to protect those individuals who enjoyed gambling online. Their site certification process assures all who come to a certified web site for gambling online that the games there are not rigged in any way, any winnings will be paid promptly, and that the players at that site will be treated with the utmost of fairness. Those who operate the eCOGRA certified sites must behave in a responsible manner if they want their certification to continue. eCOGRA is also known to be a fine player’s advocate whenever dispute takes place between a player and a certified online casino. You can thank eCOGRA for making the web a safer place to gamble and have fun doing so.