Fast Wire

Don’t confuse Fast Wire with the computer standard FireWire. One is a way to move money in the Internet world and the other is an electronic technology used to move information in a computer system. As online players we are more interested in knowing how Fast Wire works than in knowing how our computers handle data. We’re gamblers, not tech heads. Fast Wire services include wire transfer or credit transfer – “a method of transferring money from one person or institution (entity) to another,” according to information from the company. One of the best benefits of this service is that bank-to-bank wire transfer is probably the safest way to pay someone internationally. With proper identification and background information, Fast Wire offers “the most secure and efficient methods of deposit and play.”

Money, Benefits

Using Fast Wire is a straightforward process but it may be a bit more exclusive than some online gamers would like. The deposit minimum for Fast Wire is $1,000. Transfers may take up to three days to reach final status. Casino sites that offer Fast Wire service generally try to attract new depositors with 150 percent match bonuses that may compensate somewhat for the transfer delay. In fact, one site even offers 15 percent cash back for table games. Either of these bonuses may be enough to draw in new Fast Wire customers. Fast Wire confirmation processes involve scanning and sending transfer confirmation. This confirmation must include the proper identification numbers. Sites may also accept a screen shot of the bank confirmation. Keep in mind that banks have a wire-transfer fee. Sites may cover this fee as a credit to your account.


When you use Fast Wire for withdrawal, the terms state that credit must show in the casino, site or company bank before you can withdraw winnings. A copy of personal identification and a recent utility bill are required. The company maintains a support center 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In summary: Fast Wire transfers take up to three days to complete but casinos like Spartan Slots Casino> that offer this service provide attractive match bonuses to compensate; minimum amount for depositing with Fast Wire is $1,000; fees vary from bank to bank and casino to casino; personal ID and copy of recent utility bill are required for withdrawal.

While you may not use this particular service, Fast Wire also offers a cash-lending service. is presented as a payday loan/advance company.