Top 3 Cleopatra Slots

There is a very wide range of Egyptian slots under the Cleopatra title and all of them are a great choice to bring you the riches of the ancient times. Taking a slow trip down the long river with the Queen is always a wise choice. With the superior graphics and sounds of the Cleopatra slots, you will not only walk away richer, but you will have a great time getting there. Here is a look at three of the best in this line.

Cleopatra's Gold Slots

Cleopatra Gold Slots
This is another great five reel 20 line game from Cleopatra's Slots. It is a little different than the Pyramid version and lacks thee bonus game. The payouts and free spins tend to come more often with this machine and the winnings are nothing to be laughed at. This game has some of the higher payouts of the Cleopatra series and there are several wilds, multipliers, and scatters to increase your wins. This game will make you the envy of all the pharaohs. Read our Cleopatra Gold Slots review

Cleopatra's Coin Slots

Cleopatra Coins Slots
There is nothing better than the original. This is the first of the Egyptian slots and is still one of the best. This five reel slot can be found with nine and twenty line versions. This is also one of the first slots to feature a free spin mode. This means that the multipliers and bonuses will really pour in with this game. There are several different hieroglyphs and other Egyptian symbols that will suit even the most advanced Egyptologist. The payouts are enough to attract anyone that likes cash. With images of Cleopatra in this slot you can know that it is an original. You can easily win enough at this game to build your own pyramid and even start your own nation along the Nile.

Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots

Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots
This is an awesome five reel and 20 line game that has some huge payouts. This is a very simple slot to understand and play, and the pay outs make it one game that you can not afford to miss. The bonus game in this slot is easy to get to and will get you a lot of extra cash. The cool thing is that you can continue to play the bonus game as long as you make the right choice. This game has free spins, bonus spins and double and triple multipliers. With Cleopatra's Pyramid you are sure to walk away with the riches of the ancients. Read Cleopatra's Pyramids Slots review page.

No matter which version you choose to play, Cleopatra's slots are sure to give you a great time. The fun is increased with the big payouts and gigantic jackpots given by the Nile's Queen. Cleopatra's slots will be sure to turn you from rags to riches as you rake in all the treasures of the ancient rulers.