Bonkers Slots

A true blast from the past, Bonkers slots are fun for everyone to play. This very realistic online slot game will have you thinking that you are sitting in your favorite casino. While it is a traditional style of online slot game from RTG, it isn't missing any of the excitement, jackpots, free spins or big payouts you have come to expect in casino or online slot action.

Playing Bonkers Slots

One of the greatest features of Bonkers slots is its simplicity. It is a one payline three reel game that takes between one and three coins, with wagers variable with the simple click of the bet up or down buttons found across the bottom of the old style slot machine background. All you do is select your wager amount and hit the spin button then sit back and wait to see if you struck it big. Since payout depends on the coins wagered, sticking to the maximum three coin bet gives the biggest winnings.


As can be expected in a recreation of a classic slot game RTG has kept to the original symbols as well. Bars, sevens and the Bonkers symbol are the highlights of the game. Matching three of any symbol, including any bars across the three reels, results in a payout based on the wager. The reels move incredible like a real casino slot machine from the 70's and the sound effects likewise add to the authenticity of the game.

Jackpot and Bonus

The jackpot payouts range based on the wager amount with three coins bet always paying out the best. Three sevens is the top jackpot which will pay out a cool $6000 if all three coins are bet. Bonkers gives you free spins with the number of Bonker symbols on the payline determining the spins you will receive. Two Bonkers symbols will provide you with three free spins in which you are guaranteed some type of win. Three symbols is the maximum free spin limit of 10, again with a guaranteed win. While you can't earn additional free spins you can still win the maximum jackpot if you hit on the three sevens during those free spins. Playing Bonkers slots is a great way for those new to online slot action to get into the swing of the game without a lot of complicated rules and huge numbers of paylines to keep track of. However, don't forget there are lots of opportunities for winning, making this old style online casino slot game a must to try.