This is an alternative payment system used at Winward Casino. This system also provides top-notch security and privacy. It is a method that allows you instant registration and free payment transactions. You can use your EcoCard to deposit funds at Winward Casino.

EcoCard is a prepaid virtual debit card that utilizes state-of-the-art Internet technologies providing you with the opportunity to deposit cash conveniently from your home country. You deposit funds to EcoCard and then use EcoCard as your preferred deposit method at Winward Online Casino.

EcoCard is accepted by gaming merchants such as Winward Casino and there are no payment rejections! Please feel free to register for your FREE EcoCard account at: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR ECOCARD™ ACCOUNT

Q: How do I fund at EcoCard?

You can update your deposits into your prepaid EcoCard via bank wire transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union. Step-by-Step instructions on Depositing

Once your EcoCard is created and activated, funds can be deposited. Go to the "Login" Section on and using User Name and Password sign into EcoCard Account. Choose "Money Deposits" Section from the left-hand menu. The page will display a list of deposit methods and detailed instructions. To make a deposit to EcoCard please:
  1. Choose the deposit method.
  2. Read instructions and make a print-out if necessary.
  3. Make a deposit according to the instructions.
  4. Confirm your deposit (mandatory for MoneyGram, Western Union).

Whichever depositing method you choose, your User Name should be inserted in to the "Payment Details" in the payment order.

There are many reasons to use EcoCard as a deposit method:
  1. Convenient and immediacy of use.
  2. Easy deposits.
  3. Low cost (no registration fee: no annual fee: free payment transactions).
  4. Secure transactions.
  5. Accepted at gaming merchants.
  6. No payment rejections.
If you have any questions about EcoCard you are encouraged to call their International UK line +44 870 763 0177-leave your name, telephone number (with country code), the time you wish to have the call returned and a brief description of your problem or question.