Sex and the City Slots

If you know and love the US TV series “Sex and the City”, you might be interested to know there is now a slot machine in Las Vegas that takes the same name. Sex and the City Slots is now ensconced in several big Vegas casinos and from initial reports it seems to be doing well.

How much do you bet on the real life slot machine?

It may not be for everyone though because the lowest priced spin you can have is $2. You have to play with a couple hundred credits at the absolute minimum, so picking a price of just one cent each results in the two dollar spin. And you can spend a lot more than this too.

What about online games that are similar to this?

Not everyone lives near Vegas or has the budget to cater for two dollar spins on every go. The Sex and the City Slots machine is not available online though, so what else is there to play if you want to get a similar experience?

Diamond Dozen Slots

Diamond Dozen Slots is a good bet from the Bovada Casino. There are diamond rings, pretty girls, dashing men and sparkling purses to try and match up here. And with a five UK pence minimum bet for each line you can get started on a cheaper budget too. Play Diamond Dozen Slots at Bovada

Mister Money Slots

The girls from Sex and the City would be eager to get their hands on some of the symbols in this game in real life. With watches, gold bracelets, jewelry and even private planes to match up, there is plenty of time to find a big win here. Play Mister Money Slots at Bovada

Shopping Spree Slots

The girls on the TV program certainly loved their shopping, which is why we’ve suggested this game to try instead. High heeled shoes, flash handbags and expensive perfume are all available to try and line up for a great prize. Play Shopping Spree Slots at Bovada.

Plenty more slots games to find that the girls would love

If you can’t get to Las Vegas or you don’t like playing in real life casinos, it’s good to know there are plenty of alternative games you can play online instead. Take a look at the above games but be on the look out for others as well. There are lots of them that are similar to the Sex and the City Slots you’ll find in Vegas.