Red White Blue Slots

There are various red, white, blue slots games available, however, the 5 lines slot is an interesting one. This is a typical American theme, with progressive three reels, and five paylines, and nine winning combinations to add to your gaming pleasure. If you want to get into the spirit of the America Dream, this is the game to play. User friendly and easy to download, you will be playing in a short space of time. Why not get to the nearest online casino and get playing and winning the American Dream. With the progressive jackpot and combinations to make this game more interesting, you will be enthralled when the winnings show up.

Take on the American’s with this classic game

The Patriotic Colors of the American Flag are depicted in this game, slots give you the chance to have fun and at the same time engage in your fantasy of whatever game your choose. If you love the American theme this game will definitely engage your attention. Get downloading today and get your account topped up and you are ready to have some real American fun. Your choice of coins range starts from 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, $3, up to $5.00 with the maximum bet up to $25. the progressive jackpot and the second jackpot are where you’re aiming for.

Very patriotic symbols to get your heart racing

The symbols represent the American colors; here you will find a Wild Seven, A White Seven, the Blue Seven, a Single Bar, a Double Bar, and A Triple Bar. With auto-play if you wish. This game has a progressive jackpot to aim for, and a second jackpot of 6000 coins. The Red White Blue 5-lines slots, uses the Wild Sever as a wild symbol, this Wild Seven is a substitute for other symbols to complete a willing combination. However, it will not substitute for a scatter symbol; therefore will not complete the scatter winning combination. Spin your reels and see what comes up on your screen.

It’s not in the bonus to be able to score in the jackpot

The game does not have bonuses but has enough compensation in other combinations including the progressive jackpot to make gaming interesting and a target to work for. Keep your eye on the Paytable which will show your possible winnings for your combination of symbols, with payouts in coins.