Video poker games first hit the scene in the mid 1970s and have continued to grow and change into some of the most popular games in the online casino market. Mobile video poker is now giving players the chance to experience high stakes live action poker, from the convenience of their mobile device. The entire format of mobile video poker is to combine slot machine style with a bit of skill added on.

Video poker games are all known to come with a low house edge, which is why many players choose it amongst the other online casino table games. There are also some versions that even give the player an edge against the house. Mobile video poker does take skill and strategy, along with luck. While there may be a difference in the odds, video poker remains one of the safest table game bets in any online casino.

Playing video poker on a mobile device is very similar to playing in a live casino or even playing on a desktop. Mobile video poker translates really well onto mobile devices, giving players the same experience while offering them convenience.

Although a few years ago there were few mobile video poker options in just a few online casinos, today there are many more options for players to enjoy. Almost every online casino is offering a mobile video poker section which allows players to have more choices in their mobile online casino gaming. There are still a few casinos that have smaller bandwidth and thus will have mobile games that don’t show up quite as nice as others, however. Players need to research the specific casino they’d like to be a member of and make sure they offer enough speed and quality to meet that individual player’s desire and needs.

Mobile video poker is a great way to spend your time while traveling, while in waiting room, or even while in a work meeting. It is very discreet and can give players the freedom to enjoy video poker without needing a full desktop computer or a laptop. All that’s really needed is some form of internet connection, which most mobile phones come equipped with no matter where the player may be. Of course, mobile casino games often perform better if the mobile device is connected to WiFi instead of a network mobile device carrier, as WiFi allows for fewer lags and connection issues.