High Speed Poker

The high speed element of the new Multi-Hand High Speed Poker from Microgaming is a bit of a misnomer. There is no pressure to rush your bet here. You can take all the time in the world. The high speed means that with this tight, straightforward, no nonsense game of cards, you cut right to the chase. With every round, you have up to five hands to beat the dealer, and the way this game’s rules work, you have pretty good odds at each step of the way. The thing about any kind of poker is that so much of your success depends on your attitude and so much of your attitude depends on the venue where you’re playing cards. Betway Casino offers the perfect poker venue for table games lover. The ambience there is all class and professionalism. With their $1000 sign up offer you earn 100% on your first three deposits. That’s about as upfront and generous a sign up offer as you could ask for. Download Betway Casino today for the best Poker games online today .

Multi-Hand High Speed Poker is Easy and Exciting

Is it exciting because it’s easy? No, it’s easy to grasp, easy to win and exciting because it just is. Microgaming poker games put the power in your hands at every stage of the game. From the first deal you decide how many hands to play (up to 5), how much to bet on each hand (from $1 to $400, including the bonus option) and when to play or fold. From the first deal, you’ll be drawn into the realism of the game, as you hear the sweet sounds of the cards being dragged across the felt and coming to rest in front of you. You’re informed on the spot what you have with each hand to help you decide what your next move is. The rules are simple. The house needs at least a queen high to qualify. If they don’t have a queen high, you automatically win 1:1 on your Ante bet and your Play bet pushes on any hand that you play. If you play the hand and the dealer qualifies, then if you beat their hand you win you earn 1:1 on both your Ante and Play bets. On a tie where the dealer qualifies, Ante and Play bets push. If the dealer qualifies and you have a high hand, the pay rate is as follows: straight flush earns 7:1, three of a kind earns 4:1 and straight 1:1. There is also an Ante Bonus bet option which earns three of a kind 27:1, 3 cards same suit 6:1 and 3 cards the same color 2:1 on the Ante regardless if you beat the dealer or not.

Wild Jack Casino for Multi-Hand High Speed Poker

These rules are meant to keep the game running smoothly yet intensely with the odds in your favor if you know how what you’re doing. It encourages loose play which generally works in your favor. Wild Jack Casino is the online casino of choice for all discerning poker as well as slots lovers. Download Wild Jack Casino today for the royal treatment.