Belle Rock Slots

Play at Belle Rock Slots. This is another of Microgaming's numerous games, which comes to players with five (5) reels and nine (9) pay lines, for a total of 38 ways to win some money!

The theme of the slot game is casino, or 'casino-like' more like it.

The symbols included in the game vary from: J's, Q's, K's, A's, Playing Cards, Stars, Pot of Gold, Casino Chips, Gamblers, Riverboat, the Belle Rock logo, Golden Club and Jesters… obviously if you line up any of these (all the same per paying line), you will be making a winning combination, and like any other video slot game, the more you line up the bigger your payout and winnings.

The wild symbol/avatar is the 'Golden Club', which will substitute any of the other symbols in the slot game in order to complete a combination, and of course, win some money out of it; it replaces any symbol, all but one, the 'Belle Rock Scatter', which any win with it will get you a multiplied outcome by the same amount that was bet.

The game is actually quite simple in look, with sort of an old-style, vintage feel to it, but it is perfect for reliving the good old day memories, thanks to these vintage look and feel games. The spins are quite fast, and great for those going straight to the point, which is having fun and gambling.

Bonus Game and bets

The Belle Rock Slot bonus game is achieved by hitting three (3) 'Belle Rock' symbols; These will give you access to the free spin bonus round game. This is actually a pretty sweet deal as you will receive fifteen (15) total free spins, which can actually be repeated any time within the bonus round; in other words, if you get another three (3) hits on the 'Belle Rock' logo within your free spin bonus round, you will then get additional free spins on top of those you have remaining, and this can go on forever if you keep hitting the bonus game - not only that, but any win within the bonus round is paid out at triple the normal payout… multiplied by three (3).

Also, at any win during your game, you will get a choice to play the 'Gamble bonus feature', which you will have to guess on a card color of either red or black for a double or nothing bet; moreover, if you guess the card's suit, then you will quadruple your payout! (Either or).

Slots Tips

Regardless of the slot game, and unless you count with an unlimited budget, so to speak… then you should play the lower stake coin size bets and with less pay lines bet on too, in order to extend your game and budget. The jackpots are quite hard to achieve at any slot anyway, and you might just lose all your money in a quick sit-down, plus, you will always get enough winnings out of the bonus round, and all the other combinations too - not to mention a greater experience with the slot game; in this case with Belle Rock. Let us know, and play Belle Rock now!