Independence Day Slots - truly US online slot game

Americans celebrate Independence day on the July 4th, but you need not wait until July 4th to celebrate independence on this patriotic slots game. A document that was signed in 1776, announced that 13 American colonies formally owned by the British were voted on July 2nd to declare formal independence. This auspicious document was drafted by Tomas Jefferson and eventually signed by 56 delegates.

Independence Day Slots brings to life many of the well know characters such as Tomas Jefferson, and Betsy Ross who sewed the first American Flag, among other topical symbols makes this slots machine a favorite among America players. The Graphic are beautifully illustrated, bright cheerful coloring, and very easy on the eye. Download and Play Independence Day Slots now!

Get into the Swing of things

Across the five reels the graphics call to you to play on nine paylines. It’s your choice how many paylines you activate, but to get the best wins they it is always good policy to bet on all the lines and it’s not expensive to do so. If you bet only one penny on each payline then you will only spend 9c, that an extremely low betting option and give you even chance to win on the lines. For those who wish to risk more than 9c, you can go up to $10 per line and placing $10 on every single payline will spend a maximum of $90 for maximum bet. The highest Jackpot is a marvelous $100,000 to be won.

Graphically represented symbols that come alive

Every symbols that represents a win will come alive in some way or another, the animations are quite entertaining, from the Bald Eagle flapping its wings, to the cannon firing, the statue of liberty sending off rays of light, the liberty bell rings it tune, the White House, Uncle Sam give the thumbs up as well as George Washington, the map, Betsy Ross and Abraham Lincoln, the flag and the fourth of July symbol, all have their various animations and payouts, so check the paytable, to win on this game it’s better to bet higher than low although you can start with a penny, it pays very low on that betting size, but up the stakes and the rewards are increased proportionally and handsomely.

A Famous figure as a wild

The Wild is George Washington and he almost winks when he puts up his thumb, and has a twinkle in his eyes, he positively enjoys standing in for the other characters to create the winning combinations.

Betsy is a true blue scatter

Betsy Ross is the scatter symbol and she can appear anywhere on the reels without being on a active payline, get two or more and they pay out the highest payout is 1,000 coins for 5 appearances. In addition to the just a plain scatter get three or more Betsy Ross symbols and it will trigger the free spin round, 10 free spins will then play and your winnings will be added to your account.

Independence day Bonus round

The bonus round is triggered by the appearance of three independent documents when they will flash bonus game, you will then be taken to another screen, and zoom into a map of USA, the first part of the bonus round you get to choose a famous character, you will them move down to other map of USA where you choose a City, then the third part of the game you move down to another map and choose a famous landmark. Your winning are then totaled up and added to your account and you are returned to the game. On bunch of spins this bonus round came up quite frequently.

The game also has an autoplay feature giving the opportunity to choose how many spins wish to autoplay, chose your coin denomination and number of paylines and start the play, watch the wins clock up into your account.

Independence Day Slots is a fun game, as well as a reminder of a rich part of history in the USA. It’s a game sure to be loved by everyone, head down to your favorite casino, especially where USA players are welcomed and download or flash play today and play at an American online casinos with no deposit